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New Patients

The first step in the finest dental care involves our comprehensive examination.

1 - We perform a comprehensive and thorough examination that includes a thorough medical and dental history review.

2 - A comprehensive dental exam which includes:
• A thorough oral cancer screening.
• Check for cavities.
• Check for fractured teeth that may not be symptomatic (This can lead to loss of a tooth).
• Check for improperly aligned teeth that may cause the fracture and loss of a tooth.
• Check for fractured or leaking fillings which may cause dental decay to get underneath the filling.
• Check for proper chewing and swallowing function.
• Check for improper alignment of teeth that can lead to clenching, grinding, headaches and sinus conditions.

3 - A comprehensive periodontal (gum) examination which includes:
• Gentle measurement of the depth of the gum collar around the teeth to determine the periodontal health.
• Check for mobile teeth.
• Check for receding gums.
• Check for blood and pus.
• Check for gum abscesses and other infections.
• Check for areas of food impaction.

4 - A comprehensive x-ray examination of all teeth
(If you have had recent x-rays performed, it may be necessary to only take a few cavity detection x-rays.)

With the aid of these x-rays we will be able to determine:
• Decay.
• Abscesses or other infections.
• Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease).
• Tumors and other pathologic growths and conditions.
• Other bony abnormalities. Impressions (molds) of your teeth to determine:
• Proper and/or improper alignment of the teeth and jaws.
• Premature contacts on teeth that can cause fractured teeth or headaches.
• Proper relationship of your teeth to the rest of your head.
• Excessive wear patterns on teeth.

5 - A follow up no charge consultation (if needed) where we:
• Explain our findings.
• Present a treatment plan that you helped develop that represents the finest affordable treatment available.
• Develop a financial plan that is comfortable for you.
We listen to you, and to what you have to say. We want to know what your treatment goals are, what types of dental experiences that you have had in the past and how we can make your experience with us the best dental experience that you and your family have ever had.